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Munich Re-visited

My journey began and ended in Munich and the city I returned to was different than just 10 days ago. Then it was summer, ¬†warm blue skies and the closing frenzy of Oktoberfest. Lederhosen and Dirndls were everywhere amid a … Continue reading

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Mountains, Lakes and Waterfalls

On my last day in Croatia, I ventured far from the Dalmatian Coast to the central mountains and Plitvice Lakes National Park. An area of stunning natural beauty, 16 lakes cascade in a natural descent through the mountains creating hundreds … Continue reading

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A tale of two walled cities 

As my visit to the Dalmatian Coast winds down it is fitting that some of my last memories will be of the walled cities of Splits and Trogir. We arrived in Splits mid-afternoon after sailing away from the enchanted bay … Continue reading

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The Island Life

A country of only 4 million people, many are fortunate to enjoy the stunning islands along the Dalmatian coast. And so am I for this charmed week that I am here. The names scroll in a never ending sequence of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Hvar

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All about boats

Today was all about the Adriatic and island hopping with of course a strenuous hike in between. A short boat ride at sunrise brought us to the cobbled streets of Korcula to explore what many consider to be the fabled … Continue reading

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A Hop, Skip and many Jumps

The walk continued along the Peljesac Peninsula of Croatia with another personal best of 75+ floors and a new badge from Fitbit: 6 miles climbing steadily most of the way. And was it worth it! Views that surpassed the one … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious food

Today was a culinary adventure. Starting my walking tour of the Dalmatian Coast from the Konavle cliffs to the quaint village of Mocici, the 5 mile climb to a 300 foot elevation over the Adriatic was stepping back in time. … Continue reading

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Ramparts of Dubrovnik

The exploration of Dubrovnik continued on a sunny day though the forecast predicted rain. It turned out to be perfect for walking the old city walls. The task is challenging since the circumference is close to 1 1/2 miles and … Continue reading

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Ancient Dubrovnik

My brief stop in Munich flashed and disappeared before my eyes as I landed in Dubrovnik today and took up residence within the ancient walled city dating to the 7th – 13th centuries. Church bells clanged a welcome and continued … Continue reading

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