Food, Glorious food

Today was a culinary adventure. Starting my walking tour of the Dalmatian Coast from the Konavle cliffs to the quaint village of Mocici, the 5 mile climb to a 300 foot elevation over the Adriatic was stepping back in time. Lush pomegranate trees, billy goats, stone houses and images memorialized by the impressionists delighted along rutted stone paths.

The welcome provided by the Brautovic family in their home dating back to the 15th century was truly mouthwatering. Running an agriturismo, the concept of farm to table took on a new meaning. Matthew welcomed us with six homemade Grappa ranging in flavors from cherry to plum and snacks that included Quince cakes and candied lemon.


The feast prepared by the matriarch of the home rolled in with anchovy carpaccio on a bed of butter and arugula, focaccia with rosemary, thyme and oregano and a roasted blue fish spread mixed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and others herbs, to die for.


And then the main courses! You could hear the sighs of gluttony when the black cuttlefish risotto, wild asparagus, goat cheese and tomato pasta, grilled Bonita fish accompanied by new potatoes and a freshly picked red pepper, cucumber and tomato salad appeared on the table. All accompanied by the home pressed wine from the merlot and plavac grapes growing around us.

And yes let me not forget the  scrumptious rozata cake for dessert!


If that was not enough, dinner at the Pucic palace did its best to compete with lunch with a zucchini salad, Adriatic ceviche and wild sea bass in a very interesting presentation.


It’s a good thing I walked another 12 miles and climbed a gazillion floors. As I enjoy a well deserved rest in anticipation of tomorrow, adios till next time!

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4 Responses to Food, Glorious food

  1. Liz says:

    Feel as if I am walking with you. Love it!


  2. Mumtaz says:

    wow. wish i could go on this tour


  3. Joanne Bober says:

    Again, in awe of your ability to hike and to photograph!

    Do you like the guides? The group?

    I picked an appallingly bad hotel, where I am staying in an expensive underground suite which is dark and damp and has no cellphone service and is in a location (near west end Ave) where walking back last night made me nervous because there were no people around. My Mom is not doing well and I cannot be reached until I get outside.

    My fault. It had really good tripadvisor ratings and I believed them.

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