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Caribbean Eats

Being a foodie who loves to explore, discover and eat but not create, being in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) was similar to favored guest status on all my favorite Food Network shows. Not only did I embark on another … Continue reading

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Caribbean Blue

The last time I was in the Caribbean was in the mid 1980’s.  I was a lowly Media Supervisor at a large advertising agency and as was the want of poorly paid ad agency employees we gleefully accepted every invitation … Continue reading

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I live in the land of luminescence. Every so often the nightly news will get me excited at the possibility of gazing at the Northern Lights from my own backyard: IF I am willing to abandon my warm bed at … Continue reading

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A Polar Bear visits 

It was a gorgeous day for the Minnesotan praries. No freezing tundra this year as temperatures hit 43F (6C) and sunny blue skies made the city and frozen lake sparkle with joy🌅. So the weather could not be blamed for … Continue reading

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