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Being a foodie who loves to explore, discover and eat but not create, being in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) was similar to favored guest status on all my favorite Food Network shows. Not only did I embark on another culinary adventure but I was amazed at the flavors and diversity, a result of the melting pot of cultures from the last 200+ years.  What is pretty extraordinary is that the Virgin Islands are volcanic rock and nothing grows there. Everything is imported and considering availability and cost, the  offerings are mouthwatering.

I was doubly blessed with world class restaurants and a hostess who is a chef who takes great pride in planning, preparing and serving delicious repasts.

I was charmed by her home, especially the outside terrace that was the venue for all our meals. The spectacular views of the Caribbean and warm breezes provided the perfect ambience. 

Caribbean Delight

In general breakfast is my favorite meal and I anticipated every morning for a gourmet start to a new day.

Eggs En Cocotte


Huevos Rancheros


Though every dining experience was a delight, there is one that floats to the top. Ferrying from one island to the other for a meal is intrinsic to the local experience, and so a half hour ferry ride from Tortola found us wind blown and sun kissed at Virgin Gorda and a final rattle in an open taxi deposited us at the red door to Coco Maya in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. The overall experience ranging from setting to ambience accompanied by Proseco and Sancerre and incredible food was glorious.


 Hope you are not too hungry when you view the mouthwatering delicacies below😊

Tempura Shrimp Lettuce Wraps w Apple Salsa and Avocado



Spicy Calamari w Kimchee/cucumber ribbon/sesame oil

Potato Samosa w Mango and Cilantro dipping


Bluebay Mussels in Coconut Broth ,Lemongrass, Ginger and Bok Choy


Lobster and prawn Gyoza

Another day, a casual lunch at the Sugar Mill was memorable for its open air setting, pelicans diving and fresh fish entrees.  


From an emotional perspective the meal that most resonated with me was out on the East End, on Beef Island which is joined by a tiny rickety bridge to Tortola. The beach restaurant is called the Loose Mongoose. After a hike up Sage Mountain the cold Caribe beer, gusty breeze and fish burger could not have been more ideal!


The  Scaramouche is a lovely place at the far West End of Tortola and owned by Chiara and Roberto who sailed in to Fisherman’s Bay in 2012 from Italy and never left. The place has no walls and crystal chandeliers and divine food. The views as with anywhere else in Tortola give flight to the imagination and a leisurely aperitif and wine pairings accompanied an amazing dinner.  



Ceviche and Fennel


Gnocchi with Creme Fraiche

Pappardelle Veal Ragu

On my last night we went to Brandywine. It’s been a success for many years and is a favorite staple of the Road Town local crowd. Till about two years ago it was Italian but under new ownership it serves Mediterranean cuisine. After strong winds drove us from the picturesque terrace overlooking the Sir Francis Drake Channel, we moved into the charming restaurant and I dined on seasonal soft shell crab and a menu favorite, Tuna Tartare. In true Tortolan fashion both were delicious.  

 I left the BVI replete with delicious food and good wine. The dining choices are amazing and varied!!!

Ruby’s Tips

>Make friends with the locals. Though Trip Advisor is a great resource and I rely on it heavily, it is always extra special to be nudged in the right direction by somebody who has the inside track. And the locals are extremely friendly. I don’t think I stopped smiling when I was talking to them.

>Anegada  is one of the four inhabited BVIs. Though I could not make it there and only observed it from afar, the local lobster is fished from the waters around there. It is surrounded by a reef and the Caribbean blues are particularly beautiful. There are about 10 or so restaurants on the isle but I am told that the place at Cow Wreck Beach is awesome.  

>A few other great restaurant and entertainment recommendations from my friend who has been visiting and staying there for over 15 years.

*Quito’s Gazebo at Cane Garden Bay (Caribbean) is owned by Quito Rymer and on Friday nights Quito and his band the Edge entertain with their unique Reggae sounds after 10pm. His website:

*D’Coal Pot for Caribbean cuisine
*Red Rock at Penn’s Landing for seafood
*The Dove for fine dining/international cuisine
*Origins for sushi
*BananaKeet – great view and Caribbean cuisine
*Sharkey’s Cantina for pizza and Mexican food

>For more details/information on all the dining options and their inside stories check the TripAdvisor website:

Adios till next time!!!

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7 Responses to Caribbean Eats

  1. rozkakhana says:

    Loved Ruby’s tips and the restaurant recommendations. Great idea! Is it too much to ask for a similar section for your previous Asia posts?:)


  2. rozkakhana says:

    Loved Ruby’s tips and the restaurant recommendations. Great idea! Can you add similar section for your previous Asia posts?:)


  3. Joanne Bober says:

    I have never been and, honestly, it isn’t high on my list. But at least now I would know where to go. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad



  4. What a gourmet’s delight! Makes one want to go there just to experience the food.


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