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A land of contrasts: Bombay to Vana

Leaving the bustle and craziness of Bombay for the tranquility of Vana might have foretold nervous system tremors, but the adjustment was welcome and instant. Bombay is the city of my heart and will always remain so though I find … Continue reading

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Eternal India

Mastering the intricacies of the Indian railways with trains running 5-6 hours late due to snow in the north and resultant dense fog around Agra and Delhi brought its own set of challenges to a pilgrimage to Burhanpur last week. … Continue reading

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I have been in ‘Beloved Bombay’ for a few days but don’t feel ready to write a post about it yet. It’s not easy coming back to the city of my youth, where so many formative events shaped who I … Continue reading

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Street food community

A great sense of community exists all over south east Asia through its day and night markets and ubiquitous street food. The locals enjoy some of the most delicious food employing traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. One … Continue reading

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Sterile Kuala Lampur

It had to happen at some point and I am glad it did at the tail end of our trip. Being totally uninspired by a country and its primary city is unusual for me as I can usually find inspiration … Continue reading

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Enchanted Siam

Against my better judgment I went to see Siam Niramit, a musical and visual extravaganza on the art and cultural heritage of Thailand. It came highly recommended and it did live up to my reluctant expectations. Seating about 2000 it … Continue reading

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Emerald and Reclining Buddhas!

It’s always been a source of amazement that in his Indian homeland Buddha never inspired the fervor and had the impact in matters affecting state and religion that he did and continues to do in south east Asia. He achieved … Continue reading

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Oh what a whirlwind!

9 cities, 5 countries, 15 days, I feel I have just been on a season of the amazing race! It’s been a fabulous whirlwind that has stimulated all my senses: sight, sound, smell, feeling and soul. And there is more … Continue reading

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The magic continues to weave its spell!

Angkor continues to fascinate and enchant. It’s many facets include more than the gorgeous temples it is famous for all over the world. We visited the largest lake in south east Asia called Tonle Sap or Great Lake. It is … Continue reading

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Oops the picture that did not load

Oil from human hands and its effect on bas reliefs.

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