I live in the land of luminescence. Every so often the nightly news will get me excited at the possibility of gazing at the Northern Lights from my own backyard: IF I am willing to abandon my warm bed at 2am and drive away from ambient city lights. Unfortunately when the time comes, resolve gives way to reality and another opportunity is missed. One day I will end up making the trek to the North Pole to see the glowing greens and blues and reds when I can avail myself of that beauty at home! But who needs the lights when I can see this from the French doors of my patio.

Pinks and Ochre =Stunning

Growing up in the concrete jungles of Bombay, my teenage eyes never appreciated the hundred year old Banyan trees as I walked home from school and partied away in those closely packed concrete blocks.

So, when I began to appreciate the marvels of nature in those early years in the US, I dragged my equally entranced family on endless road trips, and drank in the vistas of Bryce and Zion in Utah, the endless majesty of Glacier in Montana and the sheer drama of the Tetons  and Yellowstone in Wyoming.

After traveling to the many corners of the world, I have concluded that nothing beats the glory of the sunsets from my westerly facing abode in Minnesota.

Judge for yourself!

I often wonder that the same section of sky can produce a spaceship about to land

Or, the heralding of a miracle by beings far above

Or, incandescent fury

Or, simply a mauve goodbye to another winter day

Wending my weary way home after two months and 36 hours on the road, I got a boost of energy seeing the sun set on the horizon from my little porthole 35,000 feet in the sky.

And I was gladly reminded by a friend that the sunrise over Lake Harriet can be as much of a winner as all the sunsets I rave about.

But after deep contemplation, maybe not 😉.

Adios till next time!

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7 Responses to IRIDESCENT 

  1. Joanne Bober says:


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  2. Liz says:

    Love sunsets!


  3. Tim says:

    Beautiful photos..


  4. One day, after it warms up, you’re going to have to come with your good friend to view those fabulous sunrises.


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