Ramparts of Dubrovnik

The exploration of Dubrovnik continued on a sunny day though the forecast predicted rain. It turned out to be perfect for walking the old city walls. The task is challenging since the circumference is close to 1 1/2 miles and the arduous climbs rise to 85 feet. It is a must do and extremely rewarding with panoramic views of the Adriatic and the city.


The boat ride to Lokrum island famous for its peacocks, Dead Sea pool high in salinity and Game of Thrones center occupied the afternoon. Though I am not a Game of Thrones fan I played the part and availed myself of the throne.


Vistas provided by the cable car ride to the mountain overlooking Dubrovnik with a frontdrop of setting sun and the city coming to light were breathtaking.

Dinner at a Bosnian restaurant highly recommended by friends and inappropriately called Taj Mahal was delicious and the only place in town with 20 minute waits. I had the well rated red ‘Postup Matusko’ and the house special of Veal, mushrooms and potatoes in succulent pastry. Ummmm!

My Fitbit says I have walked 12 miles and climbed 62 floors. I guess it’s time to bid Adios!

Ruby’s Tips

1. The Dalmatian Coast is becoming as popular as the Italian riviera. It is relatively easy to get here. I flew American to Munich and bought a separate round trip ticket on Lufthansa to Croatia.

2. People are friendly and welcoming. Ask the locals as they give great tips. English is very common and menus are in English as well as other languages.

3. The restaurants are amazing. I did a lot of research on trip advisor and was fortunate to have two friends who had recent visits.

4. In Dubrovnik you have to stay in the walled old city. I changed my original reservations after great advice and would have been filled with regret otherwise. Though the few hotels within are expensive, there are many apartments to rent on Airbnb. I booked the Amoret apartments (www.dubrovnik-amoret.hr) where a friend stayed. Wonderful location and well appointed.

4. Public transportation is very efficient. I have been taking buses everywhere and they are extremely cost efficient.

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9 Responses to Ramparts of Dubrovnik

  1. Anjum Poonawalla says:

    Thanks for your detailed blog. I am enjoying every bit of it. Have fun!


  2. Mumtaz Moiz says:

    I am so glad y r having a blast
    Croatia is such a well kept secret
    I wish we had more time and cooler temps


  3. Julie Lonergan Preiner says:

    This might be your coolest trip yet. Are you on a tour? Who are you traveling with?

    Sent from my iPad



  4. nafisa says:

    Hi Ruby, as always, loved reading your blogs on Munich and Dubrovnik. Also enjoyed thebeautiful
    photos accompanying them. Mannan is out of the ICU, but still struggling in many ways.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip safely. Affectionately, Nafisa


  5. Yon Jorden says:

    Wow. I have been wanted to go Crotia – Dalmation Coast, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. Let’s talk more when you get back please. Have fun!!


  6. sharonmallery says:

    Looks amazing!


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