Munich Re-visited

My journey began and ended in Munich and the city I returned to was different than just 10 days ago. Then it was summer,  warm blue skies and the closing frenzy of Oktoberfest. Lederhosen and Dirndls were everywhere amid a festive joyous atmosphere as countless scores of visitors and locals downed giant steins of beer and brats and pretzels. I came back to autumn and somber gray skies. What remained the same was scores of visitors, street chestnut vendors cheese, fruit and vegetable stalls and lots of delicious street food.


The Viktualienmarkt near the heart of old town Marienplatz is famous for its diversity of mouthwatering specialties. At times like this I wish I possessed an inexhaustible appetite, but after a week of over indulging I could only feast with the eyes and sparse what the mouth could take in. 😢


The crowds were out in force and it was tremendous fun being swept up in the Joie de Vivre! With the beer tents of Oktoberfest gone, preparations were  underway for the holiday season and the winter markets.


A visit to Munich is not complete without the moving reminder of Dachau and walking the haunted grounds brought home the current state of events in the world.  The Camp is stark and impinges on the mind, body and soul with its empty spaces and the simple memorial  ‘Never Again’.
I leave my journeys behind with an image of the central mountains of Croatia shrouded in ribbons of fog and a last memorable meal.

Adios till next time!



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