The Island Life

A country of only 4 million people, many are fortunate to enjoy the stunning islands along the Dalmatian coast. And so am I for this charmed week that I am here.

The names scroll in a never ending sequence of phoentics that sit uneasily with the senses: Bol, Brac, Vidova Gora and Pucisca. But delight always. Vineyards and olive groves slide by in a never ending panorama as our boat hugs the coast and on landing the island bounty greets with temptation.


Lunch is at the shepherd’s village of Gazul high up in the mountains with spit roasted lamb, potatoes and buttery zucchini and carrots. All accompanied by the shepherd’s press of grappa and wine.

And a final night on the hike at the tiny village of Pucisca at the medieval home of a countess, the Palaca Deskovic. Where the magical day ended with local delicacies from the bay and a surprise visit from an Acapella group of singers.

Night bids adieu, so happy reading till next time!

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