A tale of two walled cities 

As my visit to the Dalmatian Coast winds down it is fitting that some of my last memories will be of the walled cities of Splits and Trogir. We arrived in Splits mid-afternoon after sailing away from the enchanted bay of Pucisca. Our sailboat awaited us outside our medieval palace lodgings and we raced ahead of the storm that pummeled Splits for the next two days.


Walking through the ancient streets of Diocletian’s palace, a Roman emperor from 284 to 305 AD, it was humbling to tread the steps of centurions and nobles from 1700 years ago.

Plundered Egyptian Sphinx from 3000 BC, gazed impassively from defaced faces.

The ancient stones of the main cathedral square could not have envisaged modern weddings and contrivances such as the umbrella.

A visit to Trogir, a Unesco protected old town with its huge fortress Kamerlengo built by the Republic of Venice continues to stand brooding guard over the city from marauders from the sea.


The thunderclouds finally swept away at sunset leaving the promise of better days to come.

Adios till next time!

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