Cape Town Highs

A truly spectacular day with blue skies and bright sunshine. At the expense though of a severe drought afflicting the area. The natives pray for rain, the tourists revel in glorious days and the ability to take in Robben Island and Table Mountain, both at the mercy of inclement weather.

An early morning start and we catamaran’d to Robben Island. The entire journey was backdropped by Cape Town with Table Mountain sandwiched between Lions Head and Devil’s Peak.

The visit was a moving experience guided by the memories of a prisoner who served time with Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela’s cell in B Block was like any other, fourth from the entrance and our guide opened the door with the original key used by jailers.

The Limestone Quarry where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners worked is a peaceful place today. It caused untold health damage to those who worked there. A pile of stones is a lasting monument by the 1200 or so prisoners who came back to memorialize their experiences years later.

Leaving the island we spotted whales, dolphins and penguins frolicking together. A delicious South African meal awaited us at Karibu on the V&A waterfront: Snoek caught in the local waters, Malay fish cakes, Bobotie a Malay dish made with minced beef and raisins and Waterblommetjie Bredie, a local lamb delicacy.

After lunch, we took the funicular up to Table mountain. The views were spectacular with hoped for rain clouds far in the distance. An orange breasted sun bird fluttered around us and the Perote bloomed everywhere.

Our long day ended with a sunset visit to Bo-Kaap, a historical center of Cape Malay culture and today a thriving, diverse community of colorful homes and cobblestoned streets.

Another wonderful day creating memories of a lifetime.

Adios Amigos!!!

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2 Responses to Cape Town Highs

  1. rozkakhana says:

    Beautiful writing as always! We live through your travels. Poignant yet colorful pics.


  2. Mumtaz says:

    Lovely, would love to visit too


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