Chobe dreams. Botswana and Namibia

I stepped into another reality four days ago when we arrived in Kasane in Botswana and spent the next few days crisscrossing the Chobe river from Botswana to Namibia on the Zambezi Queen. The African elephant, buffalo, hippopotamus, birds of exotic plumage, monitor lizards and crocodiles took their sustenance from the Chobe river as we woke up to their calls, grunts and song every morning.

Water and land safaris in Chobe National Park have ensured that I will never visit a zoo again. The joy of seeing these small and large creatures in their natural environment was a true joy to behold.

It was heartening to see the co-existence that is such a natural part of the eco system. Baboons play on the same sands as elephants, mongoose and antelope with birds dozing beside hippos, crocodiles and buffalo.

And the birds are amazing. Birding could become a permanent hobby for me. So many species can be spotted in a few minutes that it has left me with a permanent crick in the neck.

The crocodile is magnificent and ubiquitous. It dozes silently on the sands but moves with the flicker of the eye. One has to consciously not think of the consequences of taking a tumble off the boat.

Well life is an adventure but Oh how wonderful it is!

Adios amigos to the next time!

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