Africa Africa Africa

A wish and a dream come true! So wonderful to be back in South Africa, a journey of hopes and thoughts materialized. Though planned to be a 60th birthday celebration in February, a short delay later and I am finally here with the only person I want to be with on this trip.

It’s winter in Cape Town but we have been fortunate with abundant sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. A nice change from the humidity and heat of a Minneapolis summer.

The African penguin was in full display at the Boulders Penguin colony and watching the little folks toddle around, feed and protect their young and nestle on their eggs was a delightful treat this morning.

And then it was on to see the southern ‘most’ point of Africa: Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. To fall off the jagged rocks and wash up on the shores of Antarctica or see the swirling merge of the Atlantic and Indian oceans gave flight to my fancies. Though the real tip of the continent is further south, the Cape of Good Hope has captured the collective imagination of the world as Africa’s southern most tip, and hordes of tourists prove it wrongly true.

The food offerings are authentic and delicious from the bustling yet humble food market at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

to gourmet dining to the music of crashing waves and glimpses of blow spouts from passing whales at the Harbor House in Kalk Bay: giant prawns, mussels and hake fresh from the waters outside.

The adventure continues so adios amigos to another day!!

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