And so it ends where it began!

As I sit in Hongkong in virtually the same spot as when we arrived here two months ago, filled with anticipation and excitement at what the journey would bring, it dawns on me that those anticipatory thoughts were not only fulfilled but exceeded in ways that I could not have imagined. It’s been such a wonderful experience writing this blog and sharing it with you has been (almost) the best part of it. Almost but not totally 😊

Reality awaits at the other end and I am excited at the prospect of continuing the blog. So stay tuned as
I will continue to share my travel and other experiences, though they may not be from as exotic a locale of the past two months.

The last month in Bombay fled by and before I knew it I was on my way to the airport. An airport that I can wax eloquent till the cows come home as I have truly not seen an airport that compares in beauty, sheer impact and grandeur in my extensive travels. And this is Bombay!!!

As I gazed in awe at the splendor and beauty of the airport, yes I am going on and on about an airport, all I could think of was the airport of my youth and extended family outings that included parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and on occasion grandparents to see the first 747 land in India, wave lucky family members off to some envied foreign destination or my first trip out of the country to my new US home. Yes the airport has been modified over the years but it was provincial, creaky and very representative of its surroundings. So today I raise a toast to another curve jump that my old country has made.

And as I left my old home, nostalgia and emotion clogged my throat. I leave you with some memories of my fabulous time in Bombay and India with days filled with love and serenity and joy.





















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