Days are flying by

It is with some sadness that I contemplate the end of my trip. Next week at this time I will be in the air winging it towards Chicago and then Minneapolis. It’s been so filled with wonderful experiences, meeting old friends, relatives and extended family that I have to remind myself to stop grumbling about the heat, humidity, pollution and traffic 😣, especially as I will be plunging into arctic temperatures, snow and slush.

Two dear friends from Dallas were here for the last few days ‘to see my Bombay’ before they plunge into an orchestrated tour of northern India. We celebrated a 60th birthday in full color coordinated (inadvertent) Indian glory with matching ‘Bindis’ on our forehead and I probably wore them out walking my favorite childhood haunts.


Naturally we ate lots of great indian food and had a barrel full of Laughs and chatter.


The views from their room of my favorite Bombay haunt, the Gateway of India from which I often sailed the Arabian Sea (sans life jacket, in saris and high monsoon winds with no swimming ability 😁, oh the naïveté of the young) were stunning morning and night!





I also enjoyed long clear days and smog filled ones when not a breath of air stirred.



Sunsets were rare due to smog and pollution but I caught one tonight much to my surprise. And, the moon was also clear the other night!!!



I will miss the dichotomy and diversity of Bombay that has British era Victorian structures including our own Big Ben, McDonald’s occupying the same space as traditional coconut and sugar cane juice street vendors, BMW’s honking next to man held pushcarts loaded with goods, cows lazily chewing curd and being venerated amidst the bustle of 20 million people rushing about their business and delicious street food at every corner.









One of my favorite events was my niece’s ‘Misak’, think Bar Mitzvah and we were all puffed with pride at what a gorgeous young lady she has become. It was a grand party and of course delicious food played a big part eaten in our traditional community style of a communal large plate called a ‘Thaal’.




Here she is with her Dad, my first cousin and my other first cousin’s daughter. Such beautiful girls 😘


Hope you enjoyed ‘Amchi Mumbai’ or ‘My Bombay’ and Adios till Next time!!’

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