Oh the dog days of summer!

Summer: Hot steamy days, cool water lakes, languorous naps, 9pm sunsets, late afternoon thunderstorms, mosquitoes and barbecues! This summer has certainly fulfilled its promise.

Fourth of July was a perfect day, emblematic of summer and the emotion of Independence Day. Though only a few miles from downtown I could have been in any small town America as I watched the joyous parade down our main Street. Later that evening thirty minutes of crackle, pop and boom fireworks completed the celebrations.  



Shakespeare by the lake anybody? For the past few weekends I have been entertained  by a theater company putting on free performances of ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ on the grassy verges of Lake of the Isles. Every weekend the audience grows and it’s fun to hear Olde English as I pass by.


Our resident Lake Calhoun Bald Eagle has been busy and put on quite a show as it tried to catch its lunch one day.  


I have indulged in many summer barbecue delights: burgers, brats, corn and the seasonal bounty of grilled vegetables but I had an unexpected treat when a good friend tempted me over with the South Indian delicacy ‘dosas’. They are delicious crepes of lentils and fermented rice that I pigged out on accompanied with potatoes and coconut chutney. Anjum is a dosa expert in a preparation requiring touch, sleight of hand, right temperature pan and tremendous patience. I was able to capture the process that made brunch pure culinary heaven.

Summer still has a ways to go but I sign off this post with images that capture thunderstorms over the city and a blissful sunset over the massive expanse of Lake Minnetonka.  

Adios amigos till next time!

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4 Responses to Oh the dog days of summer!

  1. Julie Lonergan Preiner says:

    Ruby…love the pic of you by the lake

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Ruby, Enjoyed your blog on summer as always. Your friend’s dosas appear truly professional-
    please convey my compliments to her! So sad that summer is so short a season – wish it were a
    little longer.Nafisa


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