Glorious Spring

I love the four seasons. Winter is also tolerable as the anticipation of spring and longer days loom after the winter solstice on December 21. The days slowly lengthen until finally it’s daylight savings time and spring! Since summer officially kicks off tomorrow I am hustling to get my spring blog out before the season becomes irrelevant.

Many creatures abounded this spring. I thought my eyes were playing tricks when I spotted the Loch Ness monster rearing its head from Lake Calhoun.

 However sanity prevailed and I was able to focus and enjoy the real denizens of the lakes.


The unexpected becomes the expected and a dance troupe provided color and pleasure on a day with lowering clouds and a brisk wind.

     The flora rivaled the fauna sightings  and the colors were abundantly generous this year.



The lakes are a hive of activity ranging from the lazy to the active and always interesting  as I do my daily promenade.  



And of course lots of food and drink at the venerable Tin Fish and Bread and Pickle on Lakes Calhoun and Harriet. The fish tacos and beer are a personal favorite though there is something for everybody. (;

 I am fortunate that I get to enjoy the beauty and quality of life in the Twin Cities so plan a visit soon since long summer days beckon with anticipation. 

Adios till next time!


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4 Responses to Glorious Spring

  1. Ruby you have outdone yourself with the glorious pictures! Looking forward to your summer blog. Minneapolis seems like a wonderful place in your blog – tempting enough to visit. Right
    now we are enjoying the cool breezes and sunny days in San Clemente. Best wishes, Nafisa


  2. Joanne Bober says:

    Lovely pics and fond memories!

    Sent from my iPad



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