Ancient Hoi An

Hoi An is an amalgam of architectural monuments, 8th generation homes, pagodas, shrines, 16th century bridges, bustling markets, wharfs and communal houses that make the town a living museum. As early as the 16th and 17th centuries Hoi An was an international trading center in which Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Indian traders set up permanent quarters. This combination is reflected in the temples, homes and cuisine.




The markets in this part of Asia are fascinating and Hoi An has a bustling, thriving one selling fresh produce, meats, fish caught in the river that morning, food stalls and merchandise.





The temples, shrines and pagodas have fierce statues, beautiful mosaics and incense wheels that burn for a month hanging from the ceiling.




And of course today’s mouthwatering culinary experience continued at ‘Faifo’ with wontons, ravioli type spring rolls and Hoi An inspired Pho. All accompanied by local beer at $1 a can. You can certainly drink a lot at those prices.





Adios till next time!

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