The journey has started

Its been a year of preparation, making plans and unmaking them, stressing out and DE-stressing, dealing with medical challenges that included (YES!!!!) dog bites bulging cervical discs and falls on my face in a parody of Cirque Du Soleil, that led my family and close friends convinced I had become a hypochondriac: Well when my doctor tactfully asked after one ‘too’ frequent a visit if I had considered a plastic surgeon, I had to face up to the fact that maybe I had fallen into that most horrible of states, sigh!

But the first stage of our journey has begun and though it may not be as exciting as Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit , to me its the culmination of a year of waiting and yearning to be off on my south east Asian adventure.

In transit in Hongkong right now on our way to a three night stay in Singapore. And what a great first step of a journey its been. After slogging through a year of weekly 7 hour flights to Miami in 2012, the hoarding of miles paid off in a decadent fifteen hour flight to Hongkong from O’hare. And yes as we waited in the 25 plane queue prior to take off, I did allow myself a flicker of pity for all the captive travelers on the American, United and Delta planes. You see, I happened to have wisely chosen Cathay Pacific, in the top three rankings for global airlines.

So, adios for now and be sure to look out for the next one tomorrow.




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7 Responses to The journey has started

  1. Shehza Behrainwala says:

    Bon voyage! Have a fabulous trip!


  2. Krisztina Brooks says:

    Bon Voyage Ruby and Rifka! Love the name of your blog and looking forward to more posts.


  3. Hi Ruby, Enjoyed your blog immensely. Good luck on your long-awaited journey. Looks like you’re definitely going in style! Do I see caviar? Will await other posts from you.
    Affectionately, Nafisa


  4. What a start! Can’t wait to hear more! Enjoy!


  5. Shahnaz Costa says:

    Ruby, Love your blog! Hope you and your mom have a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear more about your travels.


  6. Julie L Preiner says:

    What a fantastic start to your blog! Decadent indeed. Safe travels…look forward to living vicariously through your journal….


  7. Suzy says:

    Great start to your travel blog, Ruby! Love the pic of you in the plane. Looking forward to keeping up with you throughout your trip!


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